Visit to e-Xstream Luxembourg with Legato visiting researchers from Prague. Towards automatic random microstructure generation for heterogeneous materials. Wang tiles. 

We had today a fascinating discussion on the generation of random microstructures for heterogeneous materials. Jan Novák, Jan Zeman and their colleagues from Prague presented novel ideas on the generation of random microstructures. Relevant papers can be found here:

Compressing random microstructures via stochastic Wang tilings
J Novák, A Kučerová, J Zeman – Physical Review E, 2012 – APS

Microstructural enrichment functions based on stochastic Wang tilings
J Novák, A Kučerová, J Zeman – Modelling and Simulation in …, 2013

Aperiodic compression and reconstruction of real-world material systems based on Wang tiles
M Doškář, J Novák, J Zeman – Physical Review E, 2014 – APS

Beyond periodic compressions of random microstructures
M Doškář, J Novák, J Zeman – arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.7812, 2014 –

Solution to Microstructural Fields Based on Schur Complement Method and Wang Tiles L Zrubek, J Kruis, J Novák – Main Thematic Areas, 2014 –

On Integration of Synthesized Microstructural Enrichment Functions in Partition of Unity and Trefftz Method J Novák – FEMTEC 2013, 2013 –

Fracture in quasicrystals: vistas PM Mariano, E Radi – … and uncertainty quantification of materials and …, 2013 –

See also relevant pages on Legato:

— Stephane Bordas