Stéphane Bordas visits the Cenaero (2015 May 12 & 13)

Stéphane has been working with the Cenaero since 2004 when he started interacting with Marc Duflot. He visits the centre regularly. The next visit is May 12 and 13!

The focus of the discussions will be

  • Influence of residual stresses on crack propagation
  • Crack propagation under complex loadings
  • Crack branching
  • Contact on crack lips in X-FEM
  • Stabilization methods for X-FEM
  • Error estimators in X-FEM
  • Morfeo/Crack and its plug-ins : key features
  • Implicit representation of corners with level-sets
  • Link CAO/Computation – Isogeometric methods
  • Multi-scale problems for damage analysis
  • Isogeometric boundary element method for fracture (IGABEM) and geometry-independent field approximation

See you soon!

— Stéphane P. A. Bordas