Reason and knowledge in the face of terror

After the tragic events in Paris, where I am from and where my parents and brothers and sisters live, I cannot but reflect on our role as university people. 

Are we not here to offer a positive and consteuctive alternative to the young generations who are the targets of many forms of extremism, intellectual and emotional manipulation?
Let us take this opportunity to reflect and debate on the role of rational thinking and education. How can science, knowledge and reason overcome the manipulation that led to such terror?

Isn’t it our role as academics to drive an informed society and help prevent such disasters by offering a positive and constructive outlets to the young generations, into a society of knowledge and reason?

My thoughts are with the families of those who suffered today and with those who will have to continue to live after this. 

I would welcome discussions and ideas on how we could take concrete action. 

Stéphane Bordas