Isogeometric analysis based methods for dynamic problems in 3-D structures

Legato team members:  P.Yu, P. Kerfriden

The figure shows the 3D pipe structure established by Isogeometric analysis (IGA) mesh, the technical details could be seen in [1,2]. The video illustrates the stress wave propagation through the cylinder pipe structure when the right edge is fixed and the pressure are loaded at the left side. The dynamic responses are obtained by the IGA combined with Newmark methods.

Pipe structure


Future work:

The following research goals in this project include

  1. Based upon the Geometry Independent Field Approximations (GIFT) method proposed by Prof. Gang Xu who works as the collaboration member of Legato team [3], we would develop it correlated to explicit numerical methods to study the dynamical problems
  2. Make refinement for solution field and calculate the errors
  3. According to the minimum error estimation of solution, we intend to generate the moving adaptive mesh refinement along the wave propagation in the structure.


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