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Team Legato, led by Prof. Stéphane P. A. Bordas, aims at building intuitive and interactive platforms for computational mechanics problems which allow the users to interact with their models and hence gain insights into unconventional and counter-intuitive phenomena.

To enable such platforms, we develop robust parallel numerical methods for direct and statistical inverse problems which require the minimum amount of human intervention.

We concentrate on error-controlled models and associated discretization schemes for multi-scale and multi-field problems and have been focusing on applications in two fields:

  • Computational Biomechanics
  • Computational Materials Science.

Examples include:

  • the prediction of equilibrium phases in nano-composites,
  • simulating fracture in complex aerospace structures,
  • modeling cutting in real-time for surgical simulation.

Our research approach is multi-disciplinary. Our work has been carried out in collaboration with:

  • Mathematicians
  • Computer Scientists
  • Materials Scientists
  • Surgeons.

We publish all our codes in the open-source community and have been, in particular, collaborating with major open-source projects such as FEniCS and SOFA. We have also released our own open-source platforms for advanced discretization techniques such as the extended finite element method, meshless methods, isogeometric boundary element and finite element analysis with geometry-independent field approximations.

Our software

Open Source Codes on Sourceforge
Open Source Codes on Bitbucket

Our projects

Medical Simulation

Multi-scale methods for fracture

Error estimation

Model reduction methods for non-linear problems

Inverse Problems

Alleviate the Mesh Burden in Computational Mechanics

Multi-Physics / Multi-Field Problems

Meshless Methods

Moving Boundary Problems

Fast solvers for linear system of equations



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