Philosophical magazine article on Adaptive Multiscale methods for fracture accepted. Congratulations to Ahmad Akbari.

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  • Akbari R., A., Kerfriden, P., & Bordas, S. (2013, June 05). An adaptive multiscale strategy to simulate fracture of composite
    structures. Paper presented at CFRAC, Prague, Czech Republic.
    Link to paper
  • Kerfriden, P., Akbari R., A., Goury, O., & Bordas, S. (2012, July). Addressing lack of scale separation in fracture simulations.
    Paper presented at IUTAM 2012 Symposium Fracture Phenomena in Nature and Technology, Bresia, Italy.
  • Akbari R, A., Kerfriden, P., Rabczuk, T., & Bordas, S. (2012). An adaptive multiscale method for fracture based on
    concurrent-hierarchical hybrid modelling. Paper presented at 20th ACME Conference, Manchester, UK.
  • Bordas, S., Kerfriden, P., Hale, J., Akbari, A., Goury, O., & Lian, H. (2014, May 12). Reducing the Mesh-burden and
    Computational Expense in Multi-scale Free Boundary Engineering Problems. Paper presented at I3MS Seminar Series
    20140512, Aachen, Germany.
  • Bordas, S., Kerfriden, P., Hale, J., Akbari, A., Goury, O., Lian, H., & Sutula, D. (2014, April 23). Model and mesh-burden
    reduction for multiscale fracture: applications to polycrystals, delamination and surgical simulation. Paper presented at
    Hannover Seminar, Hannover, Germany.
  • Bordas, S. (2014, April 11). Adaptive methods for multiscale fracture and surgical simulation´┐┐. Paper presented at Imperial
    College Mechanical Engineering Seminar, London, UK.

Congratulations Ahmad!!

Stephane Bordas