Thibault Jacquemin

Jacquemin Thibault

PhD Student

Nationality: French


Date of first affiliation: 03/05/2016

Research aim and objectives

Collocation methods applied to continuum mechanics.


Thibault JACQUEMIN obtained in 2013 a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and Design from the INSA Lyon (France). Between 2013 and 2015 Thibault completed a MSc in Subsea Engineering with the university of Aberdeen (UK). As part of his master’s thesis, Thibault analysed the benefits of using the Finite Element Method together with the API 579 Fitness-for-Service to determine the remaining design life of a gas pipeline. Thibault has now been working for 6 years in the oil and gas sector both in the upstream and downstream industries. He specialized in dynamic simulations, in sea states modelling and in the analysis of results obtained from stochastic finite element simulations.

Thibault joined the Legato Team in 2016 as a PhD Student under Stéphane Bordas’ supervision. His work focuses on the use of collocation methods to solve mechanical problems. A wide variety of methods have been analysed as part of his project including the Generalized Finite Difference (GFD), the Discretization-Corrected Particle Strength Exchange (DC PSE), the Moving Least Square (MLS) or the Radial Basis-Finite Difference (RBF-FD). He now primarily focusses on the GFD method applied to large three-dimensional problems. His goal is to improve the stability of the method and to apply it to singular problems using an adaptative discretization of the domain.