Paul Hauseux

Hauseux Paul


Nationality: French

Date of first affiliation: 01/01/2016


Research aim and objectives

Uncertainty Quantification, Stochastic analysis, FE methods, Biomedical simulations, E-FEM


On January 1st 2016 I joined Prof. Stéphane Bordas’ team in the Research Unit in Engineering Science at the University of Luxembourg. I currently work on stochastic FE methods. My research is applied to soft-tissues biomechanics simulations with uncertainty. My main research topics are:

- Numerical method development
- Monte-Carlo and Stochastic FE methods
- Stochastic and sensitivity analysis
- Random fields
- Parallel Computing
- Hyper-elastic problems

Previously, I made my PhD at University of Lille, LML (Laboratoire Mécanique de Lille) under the supervision of Pr. J. B. Colliat. My PhD is entitled “Propagation of parametric uncertainty into numerical models in non-linear mechanics: application to excavation induced fractures”. My research was supported by the french national radioactive waste management agency (ANDRA). I developed an (3D) Enhanced FE Method (E-FEM) to represent the induced fracture networks around drifts after an underground excavation and probabilistic FE methods to take into account and to propagate parametric uncertainties related to the host rock’s behavior.