Joseph Ghaffari Motlagh

Ghaffari Motlagh Joseph

Research Fellow


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I am currently a postdoctoral research associate at Durham University where we work on energy dissipation within continuum representations of material behavior, fracture initiation prediction from instabilities that manifest within this continuum setting and fracture propagation. Also I am working collaboratively with Stephane Bordas who is a Professor in Computational Mechanics at the University of Luxembourg and his team; to apply Material Point method (MPM) on projects with application on the brain surgery simulation. My most recent job was at the department of Engineering Science at Oxford University where I worked on heat transfer simulation in turbines, in 2014. Before that I was working with Prof Stephane Bordas and was part of Advanced Materials and Computational Mechanics group at Cardiff University. This was on real-time brain surgery simulations where I contributed on solving the non-linear problems, writing codes of Finite Element Method (FEM) as well as IsoGeometric Analysis (IGA). Since April 2013 I have been collaborating with the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering as a part-time visiting research fellow at University of Leeds, where I have developed a code based on a novel approach for modelling deformable arbitrary shape particles in Discrete Element Method.