Fa Zhu

Zhu Fa

PhD Student

Nationality: Luxembourgish


Date of first affiliation: 04/01/2019

End of affiliation: 04/30/2022

Research aim and objectives

Efficient and quality controlled plasma flow simulations directly from CAD


I started my studies at the University of Luxembourg in 2013, where I obtained a Bachelor's degree in 2016 and a Master's degree in 2018 in Applied Mathematics.
During my final year in the Master studies, I went through an internship at Sparc Industries, a newly emerging start up company, under the supervision of Prof. S. Bordas, and their CEO Dr. D. Petkow, where I obtained first hand experience on how the Boundary Element Method can be used to help model plasma.

In order to further improve the simulation model of plasma flows, I was granted an Industrial Fellowship by the FNR, which funds my PhD studies at the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with Sparc Industries under the same supervisors.