Daniel Alves Paladim

Alves Paladim Daniel

Research assistant (PhD student)

Nationality: Spanish/Brazilian


Date of first affiliation: 12/01/2011

End of affiliation: 07/07/2015

Research aim and objectives

Estimation of the homogenisation error. Novel discretisation techniques (XFEM)


Daniel studied Mechanical Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. During this time, he spent one year at RWTH Aachen as a exchange student. Daniel has also participated in the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in Barcelona, where he was introduced to topics as fuzzy control and artificial vision. He has also worked developing an XFEM module for Diffpack. Diffpack is an object oriented development framework for the solution of partial differential equations. Currently, he is working on the homogenisation error. Before an analysis is performed, most heterogeneous materials have its structure simplified. Particles and inclusions are substituted by an homogeneous material with an average property. Daniel is interested in estimating the error introduced due to this simplification.