Soumianarayanan Vijayaraghavan

Vijayaraghavan Soumianarayanan

PhD Student

Nationality: Indian


Date of first affiliation: 06/01/2017

End of affiliation: 06/01/2020

Research aim and objectives

Uncertainty quantification, Constitutive modelling, Model order reduction


I obtained my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from Anna university, India. My curiosity towards numerical modelling helped to pursue masters in computational mechanics at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France. During my masters I worked as research assistant at IFSTTAR, where I analysed the growth of voids in XLPE insulators of submarine power cables manufactured by NEXANS. My research focuses on solid mechanics, narrowed down towards constitutive modelling. I joined Prof. Stephane Bordas team at Research Unit in Engineering Sciences as a PhD student on June 2017. Also, I am co-supervised by Dr. Ludovic Noels from University of Liege. Currently I work on stochastic modelling of lattice structures manufactured by additive layer manufacturing process. The research focuses on quantifying the uncertainties in material parameters of products manufactured using additive process. I incorporate the elastoplastic response of lattice structures at finite deformations. Also, I focus on model order reduction strategies using machine learning techniques to reduce the computational cost of finite element models.