Grants funded at the Australian Research Council

sharing the good news that two grants were recently funded for visiting Professor Karol Miller and for Legato associate member Nguyen Vinh Phu

  • “Biomechanics Meets Robotics: Methods for Accurate and Fast Needle Targeting” 2016 – 2019. Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Chief investigators: Adam Wittek, Surya Singh , Karol Miller

Partner Investigators: Blake Hannaford , Gabor Fichtinger

  • Competitive DECRA FELLOWSHIP awarded to Nguyen Vinh Phu.  The project seeks to improve our understanding of the mechanics and physics of hydraulic fracturing in unconventional shale/tight gas reservoirs. By determining key aspects of the mechanics and physics of hydraulic fractures in naturally fractured unconventional reservoirs the project aims to build an accurate continuum hydro-mechanical model for hydraulic fracturing stimulation. The new computational approach and software is expected to improve our fundamental understanding of the underlying physics of initiation and propagation of hydraulic fractures and their interactions with pre-existing natural faults. This has the potential to benefit the natural gas industry by providing information for better hydraulic fracture treatments and mitigation of the inherent risks of hydraulic fracturing and other processes

Congratulations to both groups!

Stéphane Bordas