First L2 group meeting. LegatoLIST research meeting in Esch.

First meeting between the group of Salim Belouettar at LIST and the group of Stéphane Bordas from the university of Luxembourg and head of the Legato group. Thanks to Salim for the warm welcome. The next meeting will be in one month in Kirchberg.

We had two very interesting presentations followed by discussions.

Sandra Hofmann from LIST gave a very interesting and clear presentation on XFEM and level set approaches to shape optimization for piezoelectric sensors using globally supported radial basis functions.

 Qian Shao. Coupled problems for solid oxide fuel cells. Modern energy conversion system.

High operating temperature. Residual thermal stresses. Crack nucleation and propagation. Fuel leakage from anode to cathode. Porous orientation and distribution are influential.

Consider cell degradation. Not isothermal. Consider flow field. Consider crack propagation using an XFEM model. Darcy Brinkman equations. Reduced to Navier Stokes. Double diffusive natural convection problem. Crouzier-Raviart elements. Nusselt and Sherwood numbers convergence. Crack propagation. Maximum hoop stress criterion.

Combined DBXFEM approach. 
Crack growth in anisotropic solids. See also by Lisa Cahill.

Link to the presentations:
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Stephane Bordas