Aishwarya Krishnan: Design of a chat bot for service-now knowledge base

Machine Learning Seminar presentation

Topic: Design of a chat bot for service-now knowledge base.

Speaker: Aishwarya Krishnan, Faculty of Science Technology and Medicine, University of Luxembourg

Time: Wednesday, 2022.06.01, 10:00 CET

How to join: Please contact Jakub Lengiewicz


Service now is an important tool in an industry that helps internal employees to report and solve their issues. In an organization that receives an average of 7000+ IT related incidents in six months, human assisted resolving of issues is cumbersome. Therefore, my thesis focuses on designing an artificial intelligence assisted chat-bot that uses machine learning algorithms to bring up a precise solution that could bring an automated response to the user. In this talk I will be discussing about the challenges that we face in an industrial setting, the roughness of data, prepossessing them and finally retrieving the relevant information from the data. I will be discussing about the libraries that was used to simplify the text data and the type conversions involved. I propose to discuss in this presentation about the input given to the Bert model and the working of the transformer model itself.

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